Old School vs. New School

If you’re someone who’s still on the fence when it comes to the old-school casino experience and the new online casinos, let’s look at the advantages of both. The old-school casinos offer more interaction with other people in a real setting. If you like your casino experience to be about meeting people and getting out, the old-school environment is right for you. If you drink, which isn’t really recommended when you gamble, most of the live casinos will supply you free drinks.

The new-school online player doesn’t have time in abundance. Instead of wasting valuable free time travelling to the casino, they just log-in online and start playing. Another big advantage to online play is the free bonuses the sites offer you on your buy-in money. But the biggest advantage to online casinos is the endless action. You never wait for a seat in your favorite game, regardless of the stakes you play.


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